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 Bail Bonds

A bail bonding agency allocates a bail bond agent to process and posts bail for the accused. The bail can be paid by with a bail bond agent or bondsman who will take a portion of the total anoint of bonds as charges for the services.

According to the recent research, for every 20 people you come across, one of them will serve time in jail in their lifetime.

The possibilities are, you or someone close will be in prison at some given time. Once this occurs, it is essential to understand how to process a bail bond.

Here are some essential things you need to know about bail bonds to get loved one of prison.


What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a scheduled amount that is paid to the court to secure the defendant’s release from prison. The bail amount is set with two days of an arrest.

The accused can leave the prison the moment a bondsman posts a bail, but on specific conditions.

Getting released from prison is significant for numerous reasons, such as:

  •         The accused will get time to work on the defense
  •         The accused can return to work and proceed to generate come
  •         The defendant will be able to take care of the kids and other family members
  •         The defendant gets enough time to put things in the right order if he or she escapes the jaws of prison


What are the types of bails?

Cash and surety are the most common types of bonds. A cash bond requires you to pay the whole amount of money.

In most cases, this will be costly than the surety bond since the full amount is mandatory.

A surety bond or bail bond is meant for severe crimes such as felonies and they require higher amounts.

For this reason, they involve a third party or a bail bond company.


How it works

If the amount of bail entails a considerable sum of money, a bond company is the only solution.

These companies will assist you to pay the remainder of the balance when you post a fee of 10% of the total bail amount.

The company will record an agreement that guarantees the accused will attend the court sessions as required by the judge.

The contract is accompanied by security to the bail bondsmen in exchange for the defendant’s release.  

Some of the things used as security for the bail amount involves an automobile, real estate properties, jewelry, bank accounts, credit cards, and stocks.


Things that can influence the bail amount

Criminal acts will come with standard bail amounts based on the harshness of the crime committed. However, the court judge is not allowed to increase the bail amount as he deems fit.

The bail amount will only be increased if the criminal record of the accused is extensive. In this case, using the expungement process to erase the previous cases from your criminal record might be important.

A judge might also increase the bail amount if the defendant has the behavior of not attending the court proceedings. In this case, the judge has the power to decline bail, and this means you will stay in prison as you wait for a court hearing.


What happens when the defendant Violate Bond Conditions?

Before the release of the defendant is secured, the court and the bail bondsman will give bond terms.

The court requires the defendant to attend all court hearings as needed. A defendant can’t afford to violate more laws before the case is taken to court.

Once the accused violates any of the terms, a warrant of arrest will be issued immediately. In most cases, this will eliminate the chances of getting a bail and stay in prison.

The bail bondsman will also ask for collateral that can be either your car or lien on your house.

If your friend or relative has been imprisoned, you need to get a professional bail bondsman to guide you through the entire process.

The bail bond agency will help to make securing released from jail easily and quick. Make sure you get a reliable and cost-effective company that offers its bail bond services in numerous locations such as Collin County, Dallas County.

Most of these companies will provide professional services 24/7, every day and 365 days a year to assist you to get the services you want.


Reputation is key

When it comes to hiring a bail bond agency, reputation is vital. Make sure you work with a bonding agency that has been assisting families for many years.

This means that they have the required experience to process and make sure the court accepts your bail bond.


A reliable bondsman knows the importance of privacy

Unluckily, getting details comes with a stigma that will impact the defendant’s current job and your reputation in your neighborhood irrespective if the defendant is innocent or guilty.

For this reason, it is essential to work with a service provider who is ready to take confidentiality matters seriously.

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