California Bail Bonds

Are California Bail Bonds a Good Option?

Whether the case is criminal or a civil case, it can be quite a scary idea to face imprisonment and almost everyone will not want to have to go to prison. If there is another option avoid going to prison, most people will take it.

It is common for most people to post bail and get California bail bonds to help them cover the costs for the bail.

However, you need to be aware of all of the facts before you say yes to anything that relates to money.

To help you learn if bail bonds are a good option, here is some basic information along with the pros and cons of getting a bail bond.


What’s The Difference Between Bail and a Bail Bond?

If you are fairly new to things that regard legal process, you might be confused with what bail is and what a bail bond is.

However, it is crucial that you know the difference between the two if you or your loved ones will be facing imprisonment or being held in jail.

The judge will be the one to decide how much the bail amount will be and if you are able to pay for the required amount, then you may be released from jail.

You will just be required to attend court hearings following the post bail.

A bail bond on the other hand is a kind of surety bond that you can find from bail bond companies.

They have employees called bail agents and they can also be commonly referred to as a bail bondsman.

You will be required to sign a contract that will involve three parties and this contract just ensures that you will fulfill the responsibilities that you agreed to. As stated earlier, the bail bond will allow the person charged and arrest to be released from jail.

To help you learn more about bail bonds, here are some pros and cons that you ought to know about.

The Advantages

  • Affordability

One of the biggest advantages that you can reap from getting a bail bond is that it can actually be quite affordable compared to other modes of financing.

Since bail lets you get out of jail, it definitely does not come at a cheap price. There are times when the bail can cost more than $5,000 and many of us do not have that money lying around.

Thankfully, a bail bond will just need you to pay for a total of 10% for the total bail amount and you just have to place 90% of the bail amount down as collateral to the bail agent.

The collateral will only be taken from you if you do not show up at the court hearings that come after the bail has been paid.


  • Safety

Jail can be quite a scary prospect for most people and many people cannot imagine themselves staying there for more than a day.

No one wants to have to sleep in a cold jail cell for months waiting for the court hearings to happen.

When you are able to post bail, you can attend your court hearings while still staying in the nice comfort of your own home.

You do not have to deal with the uncomfortable idea of sleeping in a place that is not your home thanks to the help of bail bonds.


  • Less Hassle

If you are trying to get a bail bond for your friend or your relative, you might not know where to start or where to go.

Thankfully, a bail agent will be able to do all of the communicating for you.

Additionally, they will be the ones to send the paperwork to the places that they need to go. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake or misunderstanding someone.


The Disadvantages

  • An Illegitimate Company

You have to make sure you choose the right kind of bonding company. You can’t just get a bail agent from any random company, because you could give them the first required amount of 10 percent and the person might still be in jail after that.

It is important that you do your research on the company heavily first to see if they are legitimate.

This will help ensure that your loved one will be released from jail and your money will not go to waste.


  •   Possible Expenses

If the defendant does not show up after the bail bond has been made, the bail agent will be in the right to take the collateral that you had placed down on the bail bond.

This means that you can lose a lot of money and potentially ruin the bail bond that was already in place. The defendant will be forced to go back to jail until you find a method other than the bail bond to pay for the bail.

Not only would you have lost the property that you placed, you will also have to find away to meet the total bail amount afterwards if you want them to be released from jail again.

This can be quite risky for you if you are not careful, so you must make sure that the defendant will make sure to show up at court to avoid potential financial losses.

Getting a bail bond can be the perfect solution for you to get the person that you love out of jail while the court hearings continue.

However, it is always important to know what the pros and cons are before agreeing to anything, so be sure to remember the information we mentioned above.