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Top Mistakes You Should Avoid when Seeking a Bail Bond Service

Are you in Fort Worth or Tarrant County and you need the services of a bail bondsman? During a stressful time such as trying to secure the release of a loved one from jail, many people end up making some wrong decisions which can land them in more misery.

In fact, sometimes the wrong decision could see both you and the accused land in jail. For this reason, it’s important for you to understand the various mistakes many people are prone to make when using bail bond services.

Here are some of the bail bond mistakes many people make.


Giving a Wrong Address

This is one of the most common mistakes. It doesn’t matter whether you gave a wrong address on purpose or by mistake, the bail bondsman will view this mischief. As a matter of fact, you risk bail denial with such a move.

Therefore, it’s vital for you to counter-check the address provided in order to secure the quick release of your loved one. In addition to a wrong address, any other suspicious information in the paperwork will raise a red flag and the bail bondsman will reject your application.


Traveling Before the Case is Concluded.

This will depend on the bail terms. If the court restricts your movement, it’ll be important to inform the bail bondsman and the court on your intent to travel. The court may then grant or deny you permission depending on the charges you’re facing.

The reason you need to inform the court and the bondsman is to ensure you don’t miss any court proceedings in the future. As you are aware, skipping court sessions amounts to contempt of court. This will lead to a re-arrest or possible fines.

If you have any intention of travelling, it’s best for you to notify the court of the duration of travel, why you need to travel and how they can reach you. If there’s no need to travel, avoid it at all cost until the case is determined.


Going for Fraudulent Bail Bond Companies

There are quite a number of predatory bail bond companies which will only take your money and disappear. It’s crucial for you to always do some research and before settling on a bail bond agent.

You can do this by asking for their operating license. In addition, you can also read reviews from customers with previous experiences. This will give you an idea of what the company is about and thus helping in decision making.


Delaying Bail Arrangements

Many people request for bail arrangements but don’t act as soon as possible. Every minute your loved is in jail is crucial for their release. Therefore, the faster you initiate bail procedures, the faster they’ll be out.

Various offenses have different times when bail can be granted. The least is about a week. However, with bail bond companies operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you can contact a bail bond agent and secure a release.


Re-arrest after Bail

This happens to a number of offenders and it’s the last thing on your mind. Going back to jail. After you secure a release on bail, it’s important to lay low until the heat is off your back. Maintain good behavior and avoid anything that will result in another arrest.

An arrest while out on bail can result in court fees and legal fees among others. On top of that, you risk tainting your reputation. This will see the bondsman withdraw their services and you can forget about another release on bail.


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