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When you’re accused of committing a certain crime, you’ll be arrested and held in a cell or jail. Afterward, you’ll be produced in court where you’ll face a judge. After hearing your case, the judge the will analyze and come to a conclusion on whether to grant you bail or not.

A bail bond works the same way as an insurance or security. Only this time it’s the court’s security to have you appear before court at a later date for your trial.

There are other factors which the judge will look at in order to set the bail bond amount. This article takes a look at these factors.


The Severity of the Crime

The seriousness of the crime will influence the amount of bail bond set by the judge. For example, if you’re accused of committing crimes of violent nature, the judge will be inclined to setting the bail bond at a high amount. In fact, they could even deny you bail.

By setting a higher amount, the court pushes you to appear for a later court date. On the other hand, if the crimes are less serious in that you don’t pose any danger to the society and yourself, the judge will set a low bail amount.

Therefore, the severity of the crime will influence to a great extent the amount of bail.


Previous Criminal Records

This is an integral factor in determining the bail bond amount. If you’ve had no previous encounters with law enforcement, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This is because the judge will set a lower amount. In contrast, if you’re a regular law-breaker, the bail bond amounts will be higher if the judge even arrives at that decision.


Flight Risk

Before settling on a certain bail bond amount, the judge will consider whether the accused is a flight risk. To be a flight risk means that the court believes you have the potential of fleeing from law enforcement, thus failing to appear before the court at a later date.

If this is the case, the court might set high amounts or even deny you bail bond altogether. Also, if you fail to appear before court after posting bail, the court may ask you to forfeit the amount you used to secure your jail release.

If you don’t pose a flight risk according to the judge, he will grant you bail. Even better is that you’ll pay a lower amount.

Also, if you’re not facing a violent crime charge, have no previous criminal records and don’t pose a flight risk, the court will release you on your own recognizance. This means you won’t have to post bail to secure your release. The only thing required will be your signature and your word that you’ll attend court proceedings.


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