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The Lowdown of Criminal Bail Bonds Las Vegas

Not all types of bail bonds are available for everyone, because some are only allowed for minor offenses while some may not even be available in your state.

However, you don’t want to be stuck thinking about your loved one being in jail while waiting for months to pass for their court hearings. You need to know what kind of bail you can post for to be able to make the process smooth, quick, and efficient.

This will help you spend the money wisely while not wasting any more time while your loved one is alone in jail. In this article, we will be talking about information and types of bail bonds for criminal Bail Bonds Las Vegas.


The Deal with Bail and Bail Bonds

To put it simply, bail is an amount of money given by the judge that you or someone else will have to pay for to allow the defendant to be out of jail.

Keep in mind that this does not get rid of their case, what bail does is it allows a person to stay in the comfort and safety of their own home instead of staying in jail.

Jail is just a temporary holding place for people who are arrested and are awaiting the judge to make their decision.

The issue with jail is that a person can stay there for a very long time because it is common for some cases to last months, and even years.

You do not want to let your loved one stay stuck in a scary place while they are trying to prepare themselves for court hearings, as that can get them in a negative mindset and they can get depressed.

Bail bonds are a type of promise that the defendant makes to get out of jail while still attending court hearing that they are required to go to.

There are different forms of bail, which we will get into later, and not all of them cost money. However, all of them require the defendant to appear in court, otherwise they will be placed back in jail regardless of whether they had paid money for bail or not.

It will also not appear as good to the judge if they had not appeared in court, so it could worsen their case.


What Kind of Bail Bonds Are There?

Normally, a common type of bail bond is a citation release, which is where the arresting officer decides to have the defendant sign paperwork that promises they will appear in court and will not be required to pay anything.

However, this is only for very minor crimes, so people with criminal cases may not be allowed to get that option, especially since they are under the arresting officer’s judgement.

A person with a criminal case might be allowed to get a cash bond or property bond for their bail.

A cash bond is where a person pays money (normally in cash and not checks or credit cards) and a property bond is where a person puts up personal asset as asset (such as jewelry) that’s equivalent to the required bail amount to allow the person to be released from jail.

Realistically speaking, not many people can afford to pay bail on their own because it is very expensive.

However, you can acquire the help of bail bondsmen from a bail bond company to help you cover the expenses of the bail, you just have to pay them the required fee first.

You must also make sure that the defendant goes to the court hearings to avoid losing money and making their case worse.

They will also be returned to jail if they do not attend hearings. Call a reliable bail bond company from Las Vegas today to learn more about criminal bail bonds.