Bail Bonds North Carolina

The Real Deal with Bail Bonds North Carolina

Many people think that bail means that a person can get out of being imprisoned and face the charges that they are dealt with, but that is not true.

Bail is actually a pre-determined amount of money that is chosen by a judge to allow the person to stay out of jail while the result of their court cases is still being decided.

However, bail is usually still taken by most people because bail bonds North Carolina can keep them out of sleeping in a cold jail cell until the trials begin.

Court hearings can take months to begin and they can be months apart as well, so spending that much time in jail is not a pleasant thought.

Thankfully, you can choose to pay for bail. Here are the facts that you need to know about how bail bonds work.


What Is Jail Bail

Normally, people are held in a jail until the judge made a final decision. There are two types of jail, a county jail and a local jail.

Typically, a county jail will hold people who were arrested for smaller misdemeanors and are within a specific area.

However, despite them having smaller acts of crime, a county jail normally has a higher amount required for bail.

A local jail will hold people of any type of crime until the court hearings are completed and the sentence is decided.

With jail bail, the defendant will be able to leave jail. However as mentioned earlier, that does not mean that their slate is wiped clean.

They will still be required to face the judge in court until the judge has made up their mind.

To start bail, you will have to post bail, which a person can do at any moment after they have been arrested and will not be able to post bail until the decision has been finally made.

Typically, many people get bail bonds from bond agents to help them.

Paying for bail is not easy for a good majority of people because it is quite expensive, because even small crimes can cause a defendant’s bail to be set at $5,000.

However, most people would prefer posting bail but not everyone can afford it. That is where bond agents come in with their bail bond services to help the defendant post bail.

Getting help from a bond agent can be very useful if you want a bail process and have financial aid.

With bail bondsmen, you will have to start by giving them about 10 to 15% of what your bail is.

This will be kept by the bond agent no matter what the result of your case and whether or not you appear at the court hearings because it is their form of profit.

It all depends on the type of bond that you get afterwards, because there are many different kinds but most bond agents will need you to place collateral down to cover the rest of the bail amount.

What happens after that is up to the defendant once they are released from jail.

Foremost, the defendant has to make it a point to actually arrive at the court hearings when they are happening.

If the defendant will appear in all their court hearings, the collateral that they gave to the bond agent will return the collateral back to you even if you were imprisoned or face a heavy sentence.

However, if the defendant chooses to not appear at his/her court hearings, the bond agent will give the court the collateral, such as your home. If it is a home, it will be put up for foreclosure.

Remember, you should never think that bail releases the defendant from the charges that they are being accused of.

However, staying out of jail until a sentence is decided can help give them peace of mind that they need to deal with the situation by posting bail.