Bail Bonds Raleigh NC

Surprising Info You Should Know About Bail Bonds Raleigh NC

No one wants to stay in jail, especially for a long amount of time. Since trials can take extremely long amounts of time and hearings can be months apart from each other, the idea of jail can be extremely daunting and depressing to many.

This is why tons of people prefer to post bail while they attend their hearings instead of remaining in jail. To help them out, many people tend to get bail bonds Raleigh NC, but before you get one here are some interesting facts about bail bonds that you should know about.

It’s Technically a Loan

Bail bonds are there to help the one accused of a crime pay for bail, since bail can be too high for many people to pay on their own.

A bail bond agent will be in charge of posting bail for you, but of course those services don’t just come for free. You are required to pay for at least 10% of the total bail cost for their services.

Additionally, you will also have to put collateral down to secure the 90% of the total bail amount.

If you don’t follow the terms of your bail, the collateral will be paid to the court and no matter what happens the 10% gets kept by the bondsman, but that is as a fee for the services that they provided.

The Fees Are Regulated

You should always make sure that the bail bondsman you are talking to comes from a legitimate surety bond company.

Bail bond fees are regulated by each state, so the bail bondsman cannot set their percentages higher or lower than what the state demands. They are required to follow all of the state’s regulations as well that are set by the state.

Therefore, you must know what the fees are for your state, because you might fall into a scam by a fake bondsman who would offer you a bail bond but at a lower percentage.

The Bail Amount Might Be Returned

You can’t expect the get the collateral returned to you right away. Typically, the court proceedings have to be finished before you get the collateral back.

You should also keep in mind that you will only get it back if you followed the rules after posting bail, which typically are attending each hearing that you are summoned to.

There may also be a time that you would have to wait until the collateral gets returned to you.

The Fee Is Not Refundable

As we mentioned earlier, there is a fee for bondsman or the court that is regulated by the state. Typically, this percentage can be 10-15% of your total bail amount that must be paid to the bondsman or court before the bail bond would be posted.

However, this fee cannot be returned to you after your court proceedings are finished. This is considered as a service fee for the services the court or the bondsman had provided for you.

Cosigners Are Required

To release a defendant from jail, they need more than just money to ensure that the defendant won’t flee. Typically, a cosigner would be required for bail.

A cosigner’s job is to make sure that the defendant goes to all of their court hearings. A cosigner is usually a family member or a close friend with a good reputation. However, a bail bondsman may also be the cosigner.

The cosigner will be held accountable for penalties if the defendant doesn’t go to their hearings when required.

Bail bonds Raleigh NC might be the answer that you’re looking for to help you or a loved one out of jail. Make sure you learn these facts beforehand to know what you are getting into.