Bail Bonds San Antonio

A Guide on How Bail Bonds Work

Bail bonds are used to get people out of jail. While buying a bond is less expensive than the entire bail amount, there are people who still can’t afford to get their loved ones out of jail.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t seek out assistance.  There are numerous bail bond companies in San Antonio which offer bail bonding services. They can craft payment plans depending on your financial ability.

Here’s how bail bond payment plans can help you to secure a release of your loved one.


Down Payment

Many bail bond companies require a 10 percent down payment of the total bail amount set by the court. There’re various instances where the defendant cannot get this amount. If you’re in such a situation, you can talk to a bail bond company to help you raise the money and clear the remainder with time.

You can also negotiate a part payment of the 10 percent if you cannot come up with the money. Afterward, you can sit down with the bail bond company to come up with a payment plan for the remaining amount.


Installment Payments

With a payment plan, you can pay the remaining bail amount in installments as agreed with the company. For example, if the bail amount is $1,000, you can pay half and then pay the remaining amount in installments just as you would with a loan.

If you can come up with a bigger down payment, you’ll be a step closer to getting a payment plan. This isn’t the only factor that will determine your payment plan. Your arrest history, employment history and credit score are some of the factors to consider.


The Interest Rates

The remaining amount after making the down payment is subject to interests. The rates will vary from one bail company to another and also on the negotiations with your preferred bail bond company.

When taking out a loan, lenders request collateral to secure the loan. The same will apply with bail bond companies. Your collateral will also determine the amount of money you’ll get.

When applying for a bail bond, it’s important to consider your financial ability. Can you afford the monthly payments associated the amount you’re taking out? If you skip any payment, prepare for inflated interest rate and even loss of your collateral.

Also, don’t forget to check on the repayment duration.


Getting a Co-Signer

You can get a co-signer on the bail bond. Their credit score will be used to evaluate your suitability for the loan and payment plan.

The co-signer will need to show a good credit score and financial responsibility for the bail bond company to consider your application. This will enable you to get the bail money in time for a quick release.


How to Get Bail Bonds in San Antonio

There are numerous bail bond companies in San Antonio, but these ones stand out:

A-Action Bail Bonds

Run by the Embrey family, this company has been in the bail bonds business since 1974.

  • The company serves up to 27 locations in the state of Texas including Bexar County.
  • In addition, they’re always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Since it’s a family company, you can expect outstanding customer service when trying to post bail.

AA Best Bail Bonds

If you’re in San Antonio, Texas and any other area in South Texas, AA Best Bail Bonds will come in handy when posting bail for your loved one.

  • They are open 24 hours a day
  • They provide free shuttle services for customers as well as
  • Free notary service for paying customers.

Cowboy Bail Bonds

If you get arrested in San Antonio, Corpus, New Braunfels, Christi, San Marcos and Lubbock, you can count on Cowboy Bail Bonds. In fact, they are just across the road from Bexar County jail.

  • Their doors are open 24 hours a day and offer flexible payment plans to fit your budget.
  • The bail bond company will handle at types of bonds
  • Flexible and negotiable financial payments
  • You can also get free bail bond advice