Bail Bonds San Diego

The purpose for bail bonds in San Diego

When a person is has been brought into custody gets release with the use of money or property, this is known as bail.

In the event a person released on bail does not show up for his court hearings, the bail will then be cancelled and seized by the court.

What bail bonds do

A bail bond is what allows a person to get released from jail by the payment of a portion of the bail amount, usually 10%.

To get the person released, the bail agency will then post the remainder of the bail amount.


Results of skipping bail

You will forfeit the money or property you’ve used to post bail if you’ve paid for it yourself.

If you get a bail bond company to post your bail, the bail money will be lost by the company.

If this happens, the bail bond company will hire a bounty hunter to track the person down to return them to court.

What does it mean to get your bail bond exonerated?

The bail bond is absolved the moment the court case is over.
The outcome of the case whether the defendant is guilty or not will have no bearing.
At this time, the bond amount will be null but the premium and other fees for the bail bond agency will still need to be paid.


How does a bail bond get revoked?

When a person doesn’t show up in court, the bail bond is cancelled.

When a person misses out on his court dates, a bench warrant will be issued for their re-arrest.

There will be a deadline for a person to be located or their bail bond brought back or for the payment of the full bail amount.


Can you get the premium fee back?

Since a premium is earned when a bondsman executes the release of a person from jail, it is nonrefundable.

There is no relation between the case and the premium that is why they won’t be returned whatever the outcome of the case may be.

How can I cut down costs?

Cosigners and defendants can get discounts.

If a defendant or cosigner is a member of certain qualified groups like the military, AARP, veterans or labor unions, then they can get discounts.