What Bail Bonds Actually Are

What is a Bail Bonds

A person who’s been arrested may choose from three options.

Firstly, they may choose to stay in jail until their trials are over.

Secondly, they may post a cash bail to pay for all of the required amount of bail to be released from jail while attending their hearings.

Thirdly, a bail bond company may step in to post bail on the defendant’s behalf.

Compared to paying bail in full, bail bonds only cost a small percentage of the total amount.

If you want to post a bail bond, just contact one of your bail bond agents to get more details.


The Processes of Bail Bonds

To get out of jail, you have to post bail. Bail can be either cash or property’s that have value to be given to the court to be released from jail while going to all of their hearings.

If you attend all of the court hearings, the bail will be given back after the trials.

Although, if you don’t show up in the court, the court gets to keep the money and will probably immediately have you arrested and placed back in jail.


The Cost of Bail

Bail costs vary depending on what kind of charge the defendant gets.


Is collateral Necessary?

Collateral is not always necessary for bail bonds. You can always talk to a bondsman if it would be the best choice to place collateral.


What Is Considered Forms of Collateral?

Property that can be placed as collateral is anything with a value. Legitimate forms of collateral can be cash, property, etc., deposited with a surety bond company.

The reason collateral will be held is to make sure that the defendant goes to court, otherwise the collateral gets kept by the court.


What Cosigners Are

A co-signer, also known as an indemnitor, is someone who will be in charge of paying for the entire amount of bail if the defendant doesn’t go to court.

The co signer will be the one liable to pay for anything that needs to be paid for because of the defendant.

In the event that there’s more than a single cosigner, they’re both equally financially liable.

Money can be collected from either of the cosigners.


The Consequences of a defendant Not Appearing at Trials

The court will be giving a warrant that tells the bond agent is the defendant is not at court.


A Bail Agent’s Fees

The fee for a bail bond agent will be a small percentage of the total bond along with some other expenses that might be related to the transaction. A judge or the court chooses how much the bail amount is.


The Time It would Take To Be Free from Jail

It normally takes around 12 hours or less for a defendant to be released after posting bail. It would take longer however if the custody facility is busy.